June 28, 2022

Abba Kyari, A Made in Nigeria Product *by Olufemi Aduwo

Impunity is everywhere from the Presidency to ordinary Nigerians on the street. We operate a ROADBLOCK system. Use what you have to get your own share from the corrupt and corrupted system. GMB has been accused of nepotism and continues unabated which is worse than the Hushpuppi and Abba Kyari partnership. When we trust others, we assume they’ll act honestly and truthfully and be reliable and predictable. We also assume they won’t take advantage of our trust- nepotism!

Trust is the essence of leadership. I wish our political leaders could engage unbiased organisations to conduct sincere opinion polls on how people rate them and look at them at public gatherings, maybe they could change, anyway they are shameless. President Obasanjo in his book alleged that Atiku looted the commonwealth, more than five years since the publication came out, Atiku did not find it proper to clear his name in a court of law and yet he wants to be Nigeria’s president. Likewise, Tinubu has been accused of looting Lagos State treasury, since 1999, many petitions against him are with EFCC, the MD of Alpha Beta, a company Tinubu owned through proxies also confirmed how Bola’s company has short-changed the government, yet Bola is running from Kano to Osogbo planning on how he will take over from Buhari. God forbid!

Abba Kyari never thought of a day the United States Government would arrest his ” partner ” Hushpuppi. He knew that as far as the Nigerian system is concerned, this dirty revelation would remain covered. The same James lbori Court set free in Nigeria, admitted to the same corruption charges in London. Corruption is embedded in our culture. On the recruitment exercise of the police, the applicants paid, at the ongoing army recruitment, some applicants paid between N150,000 and N200,000 to be shortlisted. l told a Major General of this findings… story for another day.

For Nigerians to hope the democracy being practiced will secure liberty and development without any virtue in the people is a chimerical idea. Economic recovery and development on a sustainable basis are highly unlikely unless and until the Nigerian failed state is restored and rehabilitated so that it can once again be effective and efficient. The foundations of good governance must be put in place and, we must make imperative actions regard at cleansing the Nigeria Augean stables, which are stinking, filthy, corrupt, and corrupted. These are the minimum conditions required to sanitize and put the Nigerian polity back on the path of an effective state whose overarching objective is the pursuit of the common good.

My dear DCP Abba Kyari,he who wear white garment must not play with palm oil seller. ln a village where all residents are blind, a man with one eye is respected and acts like a King.In the not-too-distant future, FBI agents will surely escort you to the United States, arraign you before a court of competent jurisdiction, grant you bail and prosecution goes on, with all the evidence at the disposal of the FBI you will admit guilt and receive a moderate jail term. You know that at the end, you will return to Nigeria and become a political leader in your state if you join the ruling part at point of return.


IGP Balogun fall, Ibori went to jail in London, some Governors are now permanent residents at Kuje Correctional Centre, nothing change. Politicians are still looting.The Governors are worst. My guiding philosophy is whatever l will not be proud to defend or do in public l will never do it in private.To the American government, not all Nigerians are like Hushpuppi and Kyari, many of us are more decent and honourable than your people. All the same, FBI is doing a good job. l learnt that some top chieftains of the ruling party in Nigeria are on the FBI radar. DCP Tunji Disu has take over as the Head of the Police lntelligence Response Team.That’s life.

-Aduwo is president, Center For Convention On Democratic Integrity
Inc, a non-profit organization based in Maryland, United States

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