June 27, 2022



—- New CPS Executives emerge through Senatorial consensus

— Saheed Oluwadare led transition committee set road map for new executives 

— As first timers CPS acquainted with  old members at the inaugural meeting for 2021-2025 administraton in Agbado-Oke Odo

Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo reports

Friday September 17, 2021

Ayodele Ayeyemi, the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) of Yaba Local Council Development Area, on Thursday emerged as the new chairman of Conference 57 CPS.

CPS Ayodele Ayeyemi and other executive members of Conference 57 CPS, emerged through Senatorial Consensus, and were announced and presented to the general house at the inaugural meeting of the grassroots media aides in Agbado Oke-Odo.

Earlier before the emergence of the new executive members for the group, chairman of transition committee, Tijani Saheed Oluwadare (Seedorf), had moderated proceedings at the inaugural meeting of the media aides.

Among some of the issues that were deliberated includes the presentation of a constitution that would guide the work ethics and functions of executive and the general members.

He outlined the various committees and members thereof for the consumption of participants.

The highlight of the day’s event was the presentation of new executive members for Conference 57 CPS.

According to the chairman of transition committee, Amb. Tijani Saheed Oluwadare, “the new executives emerged through consensus from each Senatorial districts that certain positions were zoned to.”

“We have consulted members from the three Senatorial districts and they have presented their representatives to us accordingly,” he added.

Saheed Oluwadare (Seedorf) applauded the understanding of all for accepting consensus representatives from each Senatorial district that Chief Press Secretaries represented, saying “we have followed modalities adopted by our Council Chairmen in the election of new representatives for Conference 57.”

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While giving his acceptance speech, CPS Ayodele Ayeyemi promised to work with all. 

” My administraton will run an open door policy, and I can assure you that we will introduce new program that will strengthen the professionalism of this group,” he said.

He announced to the general house theat Conference 57 CPS will launch her magazine, online TV station and radio in due time.

The group also paid courtesy visit to the office of the Chief host for the inaugural meeting, executive chairman of Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area, Hon. David Oladapo Famuyiwa. 

The new executive members for Conference 57 CPS includes:

Ayodele Ayeyemi – Chairman

Zosu Solomon – Deputy Chairman

Folarin Adegboyega – General Secretary

Tunde Akere – Financial Secretary

Ismaeel Garba – Treasurer

Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo – Public Relations Officer

  • Mosunmola Olabige – Assistant General Secretary

Opeyemi Anuoluwapo – Welfare officer

Tokunbo Ajayi – Auditor

Toheeb Dada – Organizing Secretary

Oyejobi Olakunle – Vice- Chairman (West)

Opeyemi Azeez – Vice- Chairman (East)

Kausara Olaleye – Vice- Chairman (Central)

Oseni Ajimomuiya – Ex-Officio

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