June 26, 2022

BBNaija: Peace wins Eva soap task, gets N250,000

BBNaija: Peace wins Eva soap task, gets N250,000

Peace, one of the Big Brother Naija, Season 6 housemates on Saturday won the Eva Soap task with the grand prize of N250,000.

Peace was declared winner by Biggie, after the task was completed as it was in 3 phases.

The other 22 housemates also got N1,250,000 for participating in the task which will be shared amongst them after the show.

The housemates during the task were made to wind the clock back a few years to crawl like babies, search for rubber duckies amidst series of balloons in a baby bathtub, answer quiz questions relating to Eva soap and babies generally.

Upon completion of the search of the rubber duckies inside the bathtub, Peace was the clear leader amidst 23 housemates, with a total of 133 points, followed by Angel with 82 and Boma 79 points.

The task had the housemates wear some baby costumes like diaper, pacifier, bib, socks, t-shirt, bonnets and more.

Another stage of the task made the housemates tell each other the names they had been called over the course of their life which had made them lose confidence or self-esteem while their fellow write those words on their bodies.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the television reality show commenced July 24, 2021 with 23 housemates currently on the show.

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