June 27, 2022

Birthday Tribute To An Entrepreneur Icon, Dr. Kola Adesina *by Emmanuel Ajibulu

Dr. Kola Adesina

Happy birthday to one of the leading stakeholders in the electricity distribution value chain in Nigeria, Group Managing Director, Sahara Power Group, and Chairman of Ikeja Electric and Egbin Power Plc, Dr Kola Adesina.

This birthday anniversary is no doubt an auspicious moment in the life of this trailblazer and for a fact, not every investor or entrepreneur we see today can flourish in the impenetrably, shark-infested waters of global business without being soiled by dissension and smear campaigns by the fifth columnists who only spread hate and viciousness; thankfully such is not the case for Dr Adesina, sky isn’t his limit either, but has been a springboard to greater achievements for him in life.

Through cerebral disposition and dint of hardwork, this pathfinder has and continues to attain many milestones over the years both in private personal life and in the various sound investment decisions he has made. Some say it is a divine reward for his legendary kindness and humility. Be that as it may, he is undeniably loved and highly esteemed by people across all strata of society. Impressively, his love for his family too is well known and has had many wishing he was their own biological father.

He is a true family man and his love for his virtuous and quintessential wife is no secret either, and it is a delight to see a man succeed in business and also at being a husband and devoted father who is always guided by the words of God and excellent and enviable family values. This sort of disposition is clearly not a gimmick and it continues to serve as a beacon of light in a society such as ours where men like Dr Kola Adesina are a rare breed.

As a highflying director at the international energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations across Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia, the job of running the affairs of the corporation is enormous; but Dr Adesina never experiences typical days; everyday throws up new challenges and opportunities that can change the course of his day. He can start his day in one part of the world in the morning and end up at another later in the evening.

As a productive entrepreneur, he sees resilience in the face of failure and never sees failure as the final word. He believes it is just an event that can be changed when one learns from previous pitfalls. To him nothing is too big to overcome, if you put your mind to it.

An unrepentant philanthropist who is passionate about empowering young people and takes great pride in mentoring youths to seek creative ways of galvanising their energies for sustained excellence and productivity. He is a pan-Africanist and avowed promoter of the Pan African dream of regional integration and trade through special purpose vehicle of integrity, doggedness, vision and excellence.

On this note, it is only right to say 57 hearty cheers to my glowing Egbon, you are every inch a towering figure with achievements as towering as your physique. Sir, as you commemorate another birthday anniversary on Thursday August 12, 2021 your immediate family will not be the only ones celebrating you. The accolades, prayers and goodwill messages you get will equally be very well deserved.

Once more, I humbly join your family, friends, staff, associates and protégés to say God bless your new age with all your beautiful heart desires and as you age, so shall your strength. I wish you long life and wisdom even as you continue in the service of humanity in engendering succour and provision of solutions to challenges. Congratulations sir.

-Ajibulu, is the publisher of veracitydesk.com.ng, communication consultant and social media influencer

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