June 26, 2022

RITUAL KILLINGS: Parents Should Inculcate Ideal Moral Standards On Their Children -Annjay

Quintessential and serial entrepreneur, Angela Chioma John, aka Annjay is media personality, musical artiste and highly-flying businesswoman, in this interview with National Mandate’s CAROLINE BASSEY, the Ebonyi State born “Ije Love” crooner unequivocally blamed parents for not doing enough in instilling the right values in their children which in turn is affecting the society negatively.
Enjoy the excerpt and much more…

What keeps Annjay going despite all the scary, bad news going on social media?
God is always on the side of the righteous ones. Fear is not for me because I know who my God is. I’m focused on what I do and don’t give room for distractions, for me social media is more of a marketing space. In spite of the negative vibes, most of which are fake news, we still remain strong because of the grace of God.

These days there are so much going on online. Can you marry or date your friend’s ex-lover or ex-hubby? If not, why not?
Ah! Marry my friend’s ex-lover/husband is no go area for me. I don’t find it attractive at all. In fact it’s just like trying to revenge my innocent friend who has done nothing to deserve such. Sometimes I ask myself where is our conscience? Is there no more conscience? I will never be the reason why someone’s marriage or relationship breaks up. “Honestly another person thing No dey enter my eyes”.

What’s your take on celebrities ‘snatching’ people’s men?
The truth is that you cannot snatch or steal an honest man or woman. You can only snatch a cheat who is like a public toilet that anybody can use and dump. People should stop attacking my gender more when issues like this come up. Blame the man for cheating and blame the woman for not saying “No” despite knowing full well that he is a married man. Women too should take care of their home. Everybody got roles to play in relationship.

Are you currently in a relationship? If yes, what measures are you putting in place to secure a happy relationship?
I’m in a good and healthy relationship which I really don’t like talking about in the media. The question is can some people endure? Tolerate their faithful partners? In every relationship disagreements must come. I’m not talking about physical fighting, don’t misinterpret me. Misunderstandings and disagreements straightens relationships. It’s just like brother and sister quarrels while growing up. For your relationship to work, you should stop expecting too much when you have nothing to offer and already a liability to your partner. Nobody holy pass, nobody is perfect. Just balance things up, hand everything to God.

What is the major reason you are keeping your relationship private?
What happens to you and your partner is no one’s business but when you start flaunting it online then it becomes PLC where everyone has a say. You kiss, you post, you bath together, you post…ah! Kilode? Make una show public where una dey knack each other too. I will show the man in my life to public at the right time and it’s not going to be every time. We both don’t like flaunting our relationship online because it kills more and that doesn’t mean we’re hiding it… Private and hiding are not same… Social media brings nothing to relationship but pains.

Do you think female celebrities are wayward as perceived by the public, especially with their activities on social media?
Everybody can’t be same. Why always female? Who told the public it’s only the female? Let’s balance this up by adding the male folks too. That James is a thief doesn’t make Daniel a thief. I totally disagree on this one. There may be some celebrities with indecent behaviours on the social media but it’s not enough to summarize that female celebrities are wayward.

There are insinuations of enmities in the entertainment industry, what do you think?
Is there any industry or gathering of people that you don’t have enemies? Even in families there are enemies, friends’ circles have enemies too. Not just entertainment industry alone. Enemies are everywhere.

What will make you unfriend and block a one-time close friend?
Can I ever unblock someone I considered a monitoring spirit? Hell “No”. I don’t like negativity around me or business. Closing all doors against bad Energies…Annjay is busy.

With the rate of ritual killings amongst the youth, what’s your advice to young girls of these days? Parents have a lot of work to do. It’s not just the girls, our youths need to be educated. You can make money, become that boss you wanted without killing an innocent person like you. Ladies need to stop looking for ready made by all means. Many of my gender don’t want to work, N30,000 and N50,000 monthly is considered peanut to them. They want to bath, eat , ride good cars, bleach skin and sleep. Same thing applies to guys too.
Listen up guys… you can be whatever you want to be without killing. I have done a job of N5,000 as monthly salary back then. My big brother was against it but I needed experience as at that time and not money. The experience took me to where I am today and where I’m going. I worked in media where I earned N25,000 as monthly salary, but sometimes I make times 6 of that monthly salary as commission from adverts I gave to different media houses including where I was working then despite being a reporter. All that’s important is hard work and focus.
Gone are the days when children are scared to bring in what they cannot explain the source of to the house, parents have turned their eyes the other way while their children go astray, all in the name of making quick money. Most parents nowadays even aide their children in Yahoo Yahoo and other get rich quick activities.

After ‘Ije Love’ you are yet to come up with another track, are you taking a break?
Break for what or for who? I’m working on a new song this new year with a popular producer.

How have you been coping with series of businesses?
It’s been grace of God almighty. I work when others are sleeping, I work even when I don’t feel like, I attend to businesses even at midnight.

What lessons have you learnt as an entrepreneur doing business in Nigeria?
Do not trust people with your business and money. A lot of people don’t value friendship when it comes to money matters. Some will own you, when it’s time to pay…they turn it to fight.

Beyond Lagos, do you intend to take your business brand, Annjay Hair to other states?
We are currently in Lagos and Abuja but plans are on to extend to other states. Though we take orders from all parts of the country at the moment and deliver in record time but that is not enough. We want to have our presence in major cities across the country.

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