June 27, 2022

Why I’ve Been Out of Circulation for 12 Months” …Tolani Otedola

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Tolani Otedola has revealed why she has not been active on social media for over a year.

The billionaire heiress took to her Instagram page to pen lengthy post, revealing that she was diagnosed with a condition which made her experience the toughest season of her life.

In her words:

“For over a year now, I’ve been very social media shy… life shy if I’m being honest. Last year, l was diagnosed with a condition and it was the toughest season of my life.. But with God and some really special people by my side, I made it through.

I grow stronger every day and the worst of it has passed… but there have been a few after effects of my treatment, one of which has greatly affected my confidence… because it’s quite obvious.

Being in an industry that places a high value on appearance, I found myself unable to reconcile, taking medication that helped my mind but affected my weight.”

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